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A gateway to Europe

A gateway to Europe

The E20 motorway – which gives the park its name – was a key factor in Verdion and Aviva Investors’ decision to create a new logistics hub on the outskirts of Solrød.

The 1,880 km route stretches from the west of Ireland to the St Petersburg, but in the Nordics it runs from Esjberg on the Danish west coast, connecting with motorways to and from Germany before linking up Copenhagen, Malmö, Gothenburg and finally Stockholm. We see it as a central artery for economic growth and the opportunity to be located here was very attractive.

Following the completion of infrastructure works, E20 Park Copenhagen has direct road connections to the motorway in both directions. Now businesses choosing to be based here can easily move goods to and from the region as well as quickly reaching Greater Copenhagen’s growing population of online shoppers.

Demographics, too, are central to our thinking. Part of this is the bigger picture – for example Denmark’s place on the World Happiness Report and its focus on tech and innovation. But important details count for a lot too, such as where will the local workforce come from, how many people can last mile deliveries reach in a day, and how will this site fit into long-distance supply chains where drivers break every four hours?

The numbers are very encouraging. Almost a million people live within half an hour of Solrød, rising to 2.3 million within an hour – that’s more than 40% of the Danish population. According to Copenhagen Capacity, the local labour market is flexible and Greater Copenhagen has Scandinavia’s largest recruitment base of highly-skilled employees, as well as its biggest pool of private and public sector researchers.

Peter Michael Tetzlaff, Head of Investment – Nordics, at Verdion understands the pull of his home city. “Denmark is seen by many as the gateway to the Nordics, and transport links like E20 are a large part of this success.

“Connections with our Scandinavian partners are already well established and it’s very easy to transport goods to and from Germany – a journey that’s going to get much quicker in a few years’ time with the completion of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel between Rødbyhavn and Puttgarden.

“At the same time, the World Bank rates Copenhagen as one of the easiest places to do business, tax is low, business costs are competitive and there is a pool of highly skilled employees. Investment in the Nordics is increasing and it’s becoming a very exciting place to do business.”

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